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ñ tonight his devastated family is speaking out >> good evening, i'm robert jordan- jackie is off tonight. >> day-zhay coleman just started high school. he was a
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freshman at evanston township. 14 years old, with big hoop dreams...and his family believes the person who killed him didn't know him. if they knew him, they wouldn't have shot him. relatives say day-zhay coleman excelled in academics and athletics. determined to play in the n-b-a, he was in the gym, almost every day. thats all he strived be the best in everything he did. 10:30, last night, the teen was walking from a party... with a group of boys -- in the 15 hundred block of church street. at first you think its firecrackers...right outside the door. 4 shots fired. one of them, striking day-zhay in the chest. when i heard the news, i couldnt believe it. i still can't believe it. this afternoon, the teen's family and friends gathered at evanston township high school to share their grief and their memories... thinking much about what his life could have been. awwwww....he would have been a pretty decent individual. he
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loved sports and loved his family. and he felt fortunate to have his family... he wrote in a school essay just this week: "i think kids on the street not doing anything with their lives don't get the type of support they need from family." the essay, read to the crowd at today's memorial. some of his final on. it was almost like his eulogy. back at the scene tonight... friends signing posters and a basketball. praying for each other..and his devastated they search for answers. he was so capable. he had so much potential and his life was cut short for no reason. he was a good kid. they took away my little brother. it doesn't feel good. its not going to be the same without him.
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>> police are not saying much about the ongoing investigation . >> charges are expected to be filed against a suspect arrested after three men were badly injured in a fight on the near north side. two men were stabbed and the third was beaten during the fight that broke out earl today in an area crowded with bars. all three were taken to northwestern memorial hospital.. the stabbing victim is in critical condition. a 24-year-old suspect was taken into custody. a police officer was injured while making the arrest, but he did not have to go to a hospital. police sources tell the chicago tribune all four men involved in the fight are gang members. elgin police charged a local man with two counts of d-u-i in an accident that sent four people to the hospital early sunday morning. 18 year-old luis romo was driving with open containers of
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beer. he had a blood alcohol level of point-1-7 when he allegedly sped through a stop sign and slammed into an s-u-v carrying three men. romo's pick up truck "t-boned" the s-u-v so hard, it separated the floor from the chassis and sent the vehicle skidding into another parked car. all four men were taken to area hospitals with non life- threatening injuries. a homeless man was hit and killed when he tried running across the eisenshower expressway saturday night. 40 year-old vincent daeea was hit by a westbound car around eight-thirty. police aren't sure why he was running across the highway. he was pronounced dead at the scene. traffic was diverted off the road at independence and back on at cicero while the accident was investigated. so far there are no charges against the driver who hit daeea. it was an auction for the history books. there was a huge turnout in dixon on the first day of the horse auction on the property of former comptroller rita crundwell. she's facing a federal charge of stealing more than 50-million dollars from the city -- over the course of two decades. her horses are world-renowned. 2-thousand people were said to
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be on sight and others on-line bidding for 319 horses. her most valuable horse -- a world champion stallion -- brought in a whopping 775- thousand dollars. >> when you have this many people in one confined area you can see this go higher >> last week she was indicted by the county on 60 counts of the ft >> no new negotiations are scheduled in the strike that's brought down the curtain at symphony center. chicago symphony orchestra musicians rejected the c-s-o association's final offer last night and went on strike.. just a couple of hours before the
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orchestra was scheduled to perform. their last contract expired a week ago. ticket holders can exchange their tickets for a future c-s- o performance.. request a refund.. or donate the tickets. it was a golden occasion today at holy name cathedral.. where cardinal george celebrated a special mass for couples marking their 50th wedding anniversaries. wgn's jae miller reports. >> more than 425 couple's celebrated their golden wedding anniversary for a special mass. the couples are married 50 years or longer came with stories and memories. they attended prom together in 1959 >> we were at a dance with mutual friends >> they had a party and we
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started dating and it went from there >> we never had to go outside the parish. but then when you get to high school you meet other people. one group of girls met one group of guys and the rest is history >> the cardinal is battling cancer it but he made a point to be in attendance >> he thanked the couples for their commitment to one another >> the couple's renewed their vows...
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>> it is hard work. >> next the latest from the campaign trail >> also a massive avalanche in nepal >> cool overnight... details next break
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plenty of verbal jabs from both sides of the presidential race today. president obama and mitt romney swung it out on the campaign trail, while their political allies had their say on the sunday morning talk shows. cristina mutchler has more. >> on sunday morning talk shows politicians from both parties sounded off about the presidential campaign in the upcoming election >> when the american people are asked which canada is better to move the economy forward over the next four years the majority of them say president obama >> president obama talks about
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jobs at a weekend the bend >>event >> i am fighting to create american jobs. i am improving schools in the united states of america. i do not believe in just looking out for workers which or poorich or poor, i'm going to look out for everybody >> mitt romney says his goal is to make sure president obama loses his job >> he said he cannot fix washington from the inside a, i can only be done from the outside. >> both candidates have a lot more campaigning to do before
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november >> a houston police officer is on leave after shooting and killing a double amputee in a wheelchair. it happened early saturday morning at a group home for the mentally ill. police responded to a call when the wheelchair bound man acted aggresively toward other residents. when the officer confronted him, the patient, who has one arm and one leg, threatened the officer with an object that leter turned out to be a pen. the officer has said he fired because he was in fear of his safety. he's on paid leave during an investigation. at least eleven climbers were killed in an avalanche this morning on one of the world's highest peaks. as many as 38 people may still be missing. the avalanche occurred on manaslu in nepal. it's the eighth highest peak. the government says two climbers from germany and spain and a local guide were killed. one rescuer says at least 11 bodies have been spotted. the climbers were at an
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altitutde of 21,650 feet. the mountain is 26,780 feet high. rescue efforts have stopped for the night and will resume on monday. some fear the entire camp may have been swept away. the baby panda cub born just one week ago at the national zoo in washington died today. the cub weighed only about three and a half ounces when it was born last week. panda keepers and zoo volunteers heard its mother making sounds of distress this morning. the exact cause of the cub's death is not known yet. the panda cam that allowed the public to watch the baby and its mother over the internet was turned off.. and the body was retrieved for evaluation. trader joe's is voluntarily recalling can better because of potentia salmonella
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peanut butter because of potential salmonella contamination. that outbreak has sickened 29 people in 18 states. >> next door restaurant critiour restaurant critic visits a new spot >> later in chicago alderman invites cyclists
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after dreaming about it for more than a decade, two brothers are pairing off to open a chicago restaurant. the result of their shared dream is a stylish new wicker park spot called trenchermen. chicago tribune restaurant critic phil vettel says its one of the best new openings in the city this year. >> this benefits the buildinmagnificent building... the trenchermen. decor is great. it features the two brothers...
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>> what is it like to work with your brother? >> it's great! depends on the day... >> some entrees... duck breast... chicken with tater tots... sweet breads...
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olive and sesame crusted salmon... desserts... coffee cake... i give them 3 stars... food is lively and fun. i love the place. >> for more on this week's restaurant... text phil to 9-7-
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9-9-9 >> the illinois lottery drawing is nextyour live illinois lottery drawing is next >> then jim ramsey is here >> the nfl and the sox coming up on instant replay at 9:40 break
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jim ramsey joins us... >> we had three areas all
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dropped below freezing. clear skies an... a lot of sunshine today. temperatures were at 61 degrees. warm air to the west. we will see the temperatures in the low seventies for several days this week. across the area ... some spots in the 40's. cool
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tonight. the blue area is a frost advisory excludes cook county. most of the areas have the possibility of seeing temperatures dropped into the 30's into the 30s. temps this week fairly comfortable. wind gusts tomorrow night up to 30 mph.
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forecast... tonight... mostly clear... tomorrow, partly cloudy.. 65-73 degrees. tomorrow night... tuesday... 71-75 degrees. 7 day forecast... rain possiple on thursdayble on thursday.
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paws chicago had its run for
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their lives campaign today with a 8-k run and 4-k walk. the event is held for our canine friends. more than 4-thousand were expected to walk and run. some of the pooches met new friends and others dressed up for the occasion. paws annual event benefits homeless pets. the roup is hoping to build a no kill city for our dogs. it wasn't just our four legged friends enjoying chicago today -- those on two wheels took a spin to promote health. alderman danny solis hosted the third annual bike the 25th ward campaign -- in part to promote biking in the city. he said he asked some doctors to come out to serve as role models for healthy living. some 200 bikers took to the streets. they rode through the pilsen neighborhood chinatown university village and little italy. solis said he was inspired to host the event after he took a trip to the netherlands to study europe's bike infrastructure.
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what's wrong, billy? my doctor says i have skittles pox. are they contagious? i don't think so. [ male announcer ] contract the rainbow! taste the rainbow! 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ?
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wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. if you knew sushi like dina bair knows sushi, you might have entered your own signature sushi roll in a charity contest too. the "wake up little sushi" competition pitted local celebrities' personal sushi creations against one another while raising money for their favorite charities. dina's fishy formulation--the "tango tuna teaser roll"-- featured tuna, mango salsa asian hot sauce, cucumber, and sparkly pink roe. although the crowd loved dina's work, the winning roll called
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"sweet charity", came from the morning crew at w-c-i-u. >> that is the news for this sunday night. coming up next instant replay... break
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